Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Warner Bros Logo

My original thumbnails for the Opening WBFA Logo

Warner Feature Animation Logo                           
In the early days of Warner Bros Feature Animation Patrick Fitch and I proposed a logo for the new division. Patrick did research on the original logo and found that Warners hadn't done anything with it in decades. He couldn't find the original artwork. It had been lost and had been duplicated over and over again. Trying to incorporate WBFA, we came up with an idea where a band wrapped around the original logo announcing Warner Bros Feature Animation.  With then President Max Howard's approval we proceeded. It would be done with a combination of CG and oil painted clouds and sky that would morph and  move through the background. We actually got the original Warner fanfare music from the 30's.  It synced up perfectly to the visuals. It was half completed when I left the studio to  work with Sam Raimi.  It was never completed.  A few years later the Feature Animation division was closed.
  The studio liked what Patrick and I had done and partially adapted our work to make the new Warner Bros Logo we see today.
Warner Bros Pictures Logo today

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